ExNet Student Registration Application

SHSAA School Enrollment Numbers
Aden Bowman Collegiate315328643
Bedford Road Collegiate216216432
Bethlehem High School392402794
Bishop Mahoney High School261227488
Bishop Murray High School000
Centennial Collegiate403472875
City Park Collegiate000
E.D. Feehan High School247181428
Ecole Canadienne Francaise303767
Educational Consultant of Athletics000
Evan Hardy Collegiate356307663
Holy Cross High School476420896
Legacy Christian Academy161430
Marion Graham Collegiate258225483
Mount Royal Collegiate311324635
Nutana Collegiate000
Oskayak High School90114204
Prairie Christian Academy000
Saskatoon Christian School443882
St. Joseph High School411409820
Tommy Douglas Collegiate325341666
Walter Murray Collegiate527417944
Total 4678 4472 9150
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