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Friday Games
Humboldt 40  Oxbow 20
Creighton 68  Kenaston 39
Wynyard 90   St. Brieux 43
Middle Lake Lenore 79 Coronach 43

Saturday Games
Oxbow 46  St. Brieux 42
Coronach 54  Kenaston 32

Wynyard 51  Humboldt 34
Middle Lake Lenore 58  Creighton 44

7th Place Game
Kenaston 44 St. Brieux 38

5th Place Game
Oxbow 46  Coronach 32

3rd Place Game
Humboldt 66 Creighton 50

Championship Final
Wynyard 66  Middle Lake Lenore 45

A HUGE thank you to all staff, community members, students, and past students for volunteering their time to help the tournament run smoothly. Thank you to the officials and minor officials on a job well done all weekend long. Once again....thank you to the parents of the girls who donated their time and food. Thank you to Michelle Mertz for organizing and running the tournament! Best of luck to all teams the rest of the way!

Friday Games

Wynyard 54 Humboldt 24
Unity 48 Weyburn 41
Wilkie 62 Middle Lake Lenore 55
St. Walburg 71 Norquay 47

Saturday Games
B Side

Humboldt 55 Weyburn 48
Norquay 61 Middle Lake Lenore 37

A Side
Wynyard 68 Unity 22
St. Walburg 69 Wilkie 59

Due to unforeseen circumstances Humboldt and Middle Lake Lenore met in the consolation final.

Consolation Final
Middle Lake Lenore 58
Humboldt 40

3rd Place Game
Unity 55
Wilkie 44

Championship Final
Wynyard 76
St. Walburg 29

Thank you to all the teams for making the trek to Lake Lenore this weekend. Thank you to all of the officials and minor officials for a job well done. A HUGE thank you to Trevor, Evan, and the Norquay girls for their incredible gesture to accommodate the schedule. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you to all the staff, past students, and community members of Lake Lenore for their food and time donations. And thank you to the parents of the girls team once again for all of their hard work making and donating their food and their time working in our concession.

Best of luck to all the teams the rest of the way!

If anyone has an opening in their tourney on the weekend of January 13/14 please let me know. The Middle Lake Lenore girls would like to attend. You can get a hold of me at or 306-231-6392. Thanks!!

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