Author Topic: Wade Weseen Memorial Tournament - Lake Lenore  (Read 461 times)


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Wade Weseen Memorial Tournament - Lake Lenore
« on: February 10, 2020, 09:10:09 AM »
Friday Games

Kinistino 47 MJ Cornerstone 39
Humboldt 57 Martensville 24
Middle Lake Lenore 58 Kenaston 32
Meath Park 60 Wilkie 25

Saturday Games
'B' Side
Kenaston 56 MJ Cornerstone 51
Martensville 49 Wilkie 19

A Side
Middle Lake Lenore 61 Kinistino 36
Humboldt 64 Meath Park 51

7th Place Game
MJ Cornerstone 72 Wilkie 41

Consolation Final
Martensville 46 Kenaston 42

3rd Place Game
Meath Park 51 Kinistino 49

Championship Final
Middle Lake Lenore 64 Humboldt 49

Thank you to all of the teams for coming out to our annual tournament in Lake Lenore! Best of luck to all teams the rest of the way!

A big thank you to all the officials and minor officials for all of their work this past weekend! Once again it was a job well done!

Also a big thank you to our parents, staff, students, and community members for all of their continued support. It's because of this support that we can continue to put on this fantastic tournament!